Friday, August 23, 2013

I told him it’s better, better than before.

We plan our lives out.

In a world of measurable achievements; a well crafted plan plus a well executed step by step process is by far a thing that many aspire to do. I included. As planned, I should be holding a middle management position by now at Summit Media and doing some articles about lifestyle in between my Marketing stints. I should have been paying for a low priced condo unit with Avida and basically living the life.

But. There are BUTS in life that sometimes would break you – including all your life’s plans. These are the things that happen for the simplest reason that they should, or they would, or they simply could. Getting sick, losing a love one, learning that you’re down broke – anything that could reap away hope. It’s a sad thing. It is very sad and depressing. But, another BUT, it shall pass.
HOLDING on to your dreams could bring you so much hope.
I did it and am continuously holding into it.

I still can write, in spite of my visual limitations. I still can talk should come the time that I really have to bid good bye to my vision. Besides, I have a family that cares for me more than I think they do, should worse come to worse.

Frankly, when you face a life’s challenge as big as mine, the world actually becomes brighter. I don’t anymore consider this situation as a hindrance, but a vital part of my growth. My nephew, a few days ago asked me how my eyes feel and how they see things. I told him it’s better, better than before. Literally it is not, but the perspective changed. And so did I, I would like to think.

So cheer up. 
Nothing in this world is ought to bring us down - not even being unable to do all your planned out goals.

The spontaneous and the unplanned is far more fun! The measurable is for those who simply seek to finish, those who like to enjoy seek adventure – and life’s supposed to be that way.


Enjoy the coming long weekend guys!  

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