Friday, August 16, 2013

where do you stand?

Life has a natural way of eliminating the weak.
Survival of the fittest. Law of nature.

Sometimes I wonder when would my time be up.
But so much for that. 

I'd like to simply put a message across for the weekend. 
The weak dies, the fittest survive.
But in the world, its not always about strength or wisdom - or even faith.
The fittest is a survivor, a living contender in an on going battle.
Whoever holds that favours of the gods, of the society as of the moment gets the power.
But lots are going to hate the favoured, the fittest included.  

On the moment the tides changes, the fittest would know how to strike - and who to put to silence.

The fittest is part GOD, part evil,
and he knows just how to survive.

Where do you stand? 

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