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goes POLITICS friendly...

on the cover, HOT :D

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Ms. Universe Beauties on Preview May 2013

I need no more word for this!
Ms. Universe Beauties; Venus, Janine and Shamcey  
posed for Preview Magazine's May 2013 edition

Here's a preview of the cover

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#DearPH: Who’s taking a firm stand now?

I woke up to sad news, yet again, today. The White Vote movement, an assembly of different religious organizations, has come up with their ‘senatorial line up’ for the coming 2013 elections.

Although I have nothing against the organization, it just seems so wrong to see these ‘rather influential’ organizations giving out biased information for the sake of their cause. I mean I get it, being a Catholic (or Christian) entails evangelizing the world. But there exists a thin line between politics and religion. Politics, that being grounded on socio-economic needs and equal rights; and religion, touching the holistic persona of a person and communal spiritual journey; are two different things. Although there would be areas that these two should fuse and play in unison, there are also instances that these two are better left coexisting – separately. What one may accept as true as per religion may not actually be as incremental for a society’s growth. And vice versa.

The much talked about RH BILL and the action of many Catholic and Christian dominions to not vote for those who are supporting this bill makes me sad. It breaks my heart to hear even my sister having misinformed notions about the bill.

Yes, it is progressive and liberal in nature. But it never provides for forced abortion, or abortion per se. It does not have clauses about euthanasia (God, where did that even come from). It does not dictate the number of children to be conceived, nor does it promote and legalize same sex relationships.  

Read here for yourself:

It only gives us, especially women, the choice. What is wrong with choice then? If this provision only aims to help and further better living, then what is so wrong?

Laws would always have possibilities of being abused, but that does not make the law per se evil. It makes the man (or woman) who bends it for his(her) schemes evil, but the law per se was conceived with so much good faith. I just hope the church people see this.

Thus I look up to those who stood up for this. I am definitely voting for senatoriables who took a firm stand for this cause. To be really frank, I would rather vote for a person who bravely stands against a crowd of misinformed Filipinos than vote for those who conform for the sake of being ‘liked’ and ‘voted’ for. I would rather vote for those who took a solid stand than those who kept mum in the crowd but quietly mock them for their ignorance.

It is time for a progressive Philippines, and it starts with a progressive mindset. Don’t you see history repeating itself? How many times did the Philippines succumbed to ‘religion’ only until the likes of RIZAL and BONIFACIO took a firm stand?

Who’s taking a firm stand now? And who are they doing it for?
Ikaw? Sinong iboboto mo? Take a firm stand my friend.


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10 Things to Delete from Your Resume

Don’t let hiring managers misjudge you by giving them a resume that fails to call attention to your skills and experience that matter to them. Your resume is your introduction to a hiring manager, so it must sell you as the best solution to meet their needs.

The first time a hiring manager sees your resume, she is unlikely to look at it for more than 30-seconds. In fact, she’ll probably spend closer to 15-seconds glancing over it and looking for keywords to find experience that matters to her. Most job applicants create a generic resume that fails to make hiring managers notice them. Instead of hyping the key details that will pique a hiring manager’s interest, their resumes are filled with useless information that hides those most important points within a lot of clutter.

The trick to writing a great resume that stands out from the gigantic stack of resumes hiring managers receive from job applicants is to look at it through an unbiased lens. You need to make a conscious effort to delete the clutter, and chances are at least 20% of the content in your resume is useless clutter. By cutting the clutter, your resume will be stronger and more effective.

Following are 10 things you should delete from your resume immediately. By omitting these elements, your resume will have a significantly better chance of resonating with hiring managers.

1. An Objective Statement

There was a time when every resume began with an objective statement. Today, these subjective statements are little more than fluff that steal space from compelling content.

2. Personal Details

Not only do personal details take away valuable space where you could include useful details about your work experience, but they also look unprofessional. In fact, personal details can do more harm than good in terms of landing an interview. If your resume includes details about how many kids you have, where you grew up, your marital status, your religion, your age, or any other extraneous personal details, delete them right now. Keep in mind, hiring managers aren’t allowed to ask you much of this personal information during the interview process because it could be considered discriminatory. Therefore, these personal details have no place on a professional resume.

3. Personal Interests

Personal interests should never appear on a resume. They steal valuable real estate and are unlikely to have any relevance to a hiring manager. In other words, hiring managers shouldn’t care if you like cooking, fishing, basketball, sewing, or any other hobby. A resume should include work-related content, not personal content.

4. Basic Skills and Obvious Information

Unless a job description specifically mentions basic skills like typing, email, and so on, you shouldn’t include them on your resume. Furthermore, leave out obvious information that steals space from important information. For example, the commonly used statement telling hiring managers that references are available upon request is obvious and unnecessary.

5. Your Picture

A resume should never include a picture of yourself. It makes your resume look unprofessional. If your picture is included anywhere on your resume, delete it now.

6. Every Job You’ve Ever Had

Unless that babysitting job you had in high school is extremely relevant to the job you’re applying for now, leave it off of your resume. Always tailor the content of your resume to the specific job you’re applying for. Your goal should be to show the hiring manager that you can do the job. Don’t tell them your life story. No one cares about unrelated jobs that you’ve had throughout your life, but they will care if important details related to the job they need to fill are not on your resume.

7. Extras You Were Not Asked For

Hiring managers are busy people. If they ask you to send a resume and cover letter, send those two documents and nothing additional. You might be tempted to include copies of recommendation letters, performance reports, transcripts, and other documents that support how wonderful you are, but that extra documentation is unlikely to help you. First, sending extraneous documents tells a hiring manager that you cannot follow directions. Second, it shows a hiring manager that you’re incapable of succinctly showing them that you can do the job within your resume. Third, extra documentation is overwhelming and adds more clutter for a hiring manager to dig through. If you take the time to create an amazing resume, you won’t need to include all of that extra documentation. Your resume will pique the hiring manager’s interest so much that she’ll want to meet with you where you can share all of the additional information about yourself.

8. Too Many Contact Options

You’re popular and busy. You want to make sure that a hiring manager can contact you at a moment’s notice. While that’s very understandable, you should never clutter your resume with a list of contact options. Instead, demonstrate to hiring managers that you can make a decision by choosing one phone number and one email address to include at the top of your resume. It only takes a second for a hiring manager to get frustrated and develop a subconscious negative perception of your resume when she is presented with a long list of contact options and can’t figure out which one to use. Don’t annoy hiring managers. Instead, make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. Believe it or not, they know you might not answer your phone and might have to call them back.

9. Long-winded Descriptions

Remember, hiring managers are very busy and typically have stacks of resumes to review when they have a job to fill. They won’t read through long paragraphs of text describing your experience, so keep your content short and sweet. Use bullet points and action words. Don’t include subjective assessments of your work. Instead, show hiring managers what you’ve done with quantifiable examples that demonstrate your abilities.

10. Mistakes

This might seem like an obvious thing to omit from your resume, but the number of resumes hiring managers look at on a daily basis that include mistakes is very high. Review your resume for spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes, and then review it again. Use spell check. Read it backwards, and read it out loud. Take a break and read it again. Furthermore, you should never rely solely on proofreading your own work because you won’t catch all of the errors. With that in mind, be sure to give your resume to at least three other people to review, too.

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TIMES 100 Most Influential 2013 / Noynoy Aquino

And my, I may not be so much of a PNoy fan, this article just made me so proud. I do look forward to the coming years, to reaping the fruits of this man's strong stance for our country.

reBlogged here is the original article from  

TIME presents its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, from artists and leaders to pioneers, titans and icons

Noynoy Aquino
President of the Philippines, 53

Benigno (“Noynoy”) Aquino III inherited that legacy and, boosted by national mourning at the death of Corazon Aquino in August 2009, won the presidency in 2010. President Aquino quickly began making his own name. The sputtering economy stabilized and became hot. Aquino pushed through a reproductive-rights law that many said was impossible in the fervently Catholic nation. Most important, he became the face of the regional confrontation with Beijing over its claim to virtually all of the South China Sea. It is a brave stance, the long-term consequences still unknown.

In a country of nicknames, Filipinos proudly call their President PNoy — a pun on the word they use for themselves: Pinoy. For his courage, however, he really should have the pet name the family gave his eldest sister Maria Elena: Ballsy.

Chua-Eoan is TIME‘s news director

Read more:


Check here for the complete list of the  100 most influential people in the world.

Full List

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I have just discovered today that my Fashion and Style blog
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Try 'pinoy mens fashion' - and my blog ranks 1st :) 

Am just really happy! Thanks you guys for the continued support!  
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I am GAY, and that is not wrong.

Yesterday I have heard the greatest insult I have had in my entire existence - all because I am gay.  And to make things worse, it was from a woman whose professed faith seem to have the monopoly of truth and right. (nothing against those who come from her dominion, it was just the impression made yesterday)

I was asked this, Brent, alam mo nman diba ang tama sa mali? (Brent, you do know the difference between right and wrong)

It was asked after a friend and I talked about my current ‘dating’ status. As you know, I am dating a gay guy, a university teacher, a performer, a Catholic – basically a decent member of the society. Both of us don’t cross dress, both of us have decent lives to live, both of us are educated in catholic institutions. Both of us are choosing to be honest – and true.

The question alone was not offensive, but what followed after was way below the belt. Considering she did simply bat in, in our conversation. In a nutshell, she was telling me that I was born a man, thus I have a ROLE to ASSUME. She further continued that a relationship between two men is a sin, and that we should be punished – by death. That was quoted from Leviticus.


As a writer, I do know subtext. And with what she said, she nullified my very existence. That as if, all of me, all because I am gay, is wrong. That my very ‘being’ is as if a dirt bag. Mali ang buhay ko (My entire life is a mistake), to put things in perspective.

Ouch. F*ck Yeah!
It was uncalled for, and it was insulting.
But I shut up, all because I know better about RESPECT.
But it disturbed me so much I decided to share my piece here.

I am GAY, and that is not wrong.

Let’s put it this way. Following her line of thought that man is made in the image and likeness of GOD, it is therefore innate in man the ability to LOVE and to be (and do) good. In such premise, is it wrong then to HURT after falling for a man and realize that he is not in love with you? In the context of love, if I love someone (and granted I do not do anything all because it is ‘wrong’) but my heart feels pain because it is suppressed, it is hurt; WHY THEN DOES IT FEEL AFFECTION, for the first place?

God has made every being in his image and likeness, thus, by nature we tend to choose what is RIGHT and GOOD. The society, granted the biases that culture and practiced religion have imposed upon it, has a notion of what is right. BUT GOD KNOWS BETTER. HE gave us a heart – for which we can listen to, when in doubt.

I have served, during my Ateneo years as a head for my organization’s personal spirituality formation. And I did pick up something from there. That our relationship with GOD is within, that it is a personal relationship. Though there exists structured religion, it is not the foundation of truth, nor is the bible (which was written and construed by man). TRUTH is within us. It equates peace and contentment, and it is found after journeying within. I felt so insulted when she said those things because she did not even recognize my formation, my personal discernment, my personal relationship with GOD. She talked liked it was way apparent that I was wrong – and she was right.

Lastly, I would like to stress that no one person in this world has the right to know what is right for you. Guided by whoever you conceive your creator to be, HE(she) would never let you go on a wrong path. There is so much the world tells us, but for those who know better, society is never a perfect structure – and so is religion. So there are no definite ROLES that one being should assume to. Being a man, a woman, or gay (bi, transgender or what have you) is something that we are called to be. And no one has the right to tell another who he should be.

Society is flawed; take for example those that dictate that women ought to be owned by men. Religion is flawed, talk about those faiths that promise the monopoly of salvation. These can be used as guides though – but there is one thing that our creator has had given us. It is something that, no matter your race, your religious affiliation, your educational attainment or spiritual formation, remains untainted by evil. GOD gave us our hearts, the foundation of our freewill and rights, it feels pain when wronged and delighted when listened to, thus it is through which we may know RIGHT and the TRUTH.

My heart tells me that I am wonderful, that I am beautiful – and yes, that I am a sinner, that I am flawed and imperfect. But it tells me that GOD loves me – and it is okay to be gay.       

I just hope though that others could afford every gay guy the respect he deserves; that since not one in this world is perfect enough, may we find peace in our own hearts that there is a greater reason behind why we are the person that we are.

Let’s me know your thoughts guys! Comment away!
And spread the joy of life!


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I woke up to a sad news today. 

Yet again, some god forsaken damn cause (or call for attention) claimed innocent lives.
Boston took a huge hit just hours ago, and pictures about the BOSTON BOMBING have been circulating on social media and news agencies as this post is being written. 

I would not like to say more,
as words seem to be but empty echoes in times of tragedies.

‘Pray for Boston’:

 Prayers stream in after Boston Marathon bombing

read the full article here: 


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FanBoying :) 
I just made a #Castle100 poster :D
Check it out!

Have a happy week ahead guys! :)

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

for now, I’d count every star

As to why am I even writing this, I also don’t know.

It is clear to me though, that I want to start a new chapter with you. As to how, I’d leave that for the coming days. But as to why, I’d like to quote one of my texts to you, maybe one day, it would all make sense.

It isn’t new to me to be totally head over heels over someone – acting on it, though, is something rare. I have been good in keeping things to myself and, mind you, I did intend to do so. But…

But the bubble burst. 
And now am again listening to Westlife and A1, oh boy! These bands are like my ‘ohh-you’re-falling-dude-jams’. And like I have been telling you, I can’t get you out of my mind. It’s funny how you turned everything around. Funny, how suddenly the world has got a new radiance.

I have promised myself I’d just play around; I’d just go with the flow and expect nothing from people. I have love and lost a couple of times, and yes, I have been coward enough to try again. The fear of being, yet again, left behind is just so unbearable. But…

But, then again, you seem to be an exception.

I love every little thing about you (granted the very short time we have known each other)

I love the way you stubbornly neglect my texts.
I love the way to put two dots every after a sentence (and I don’t know why)
I love the way you dance, oh boy, you’re the hottest thing on the dance floor.
I love the way you talk.
I love the way you carry yourself.
I love the fact that you drive.
I love the fact that you’re settled and contented.
I love the fact that you’re effortlessly sexy.
I love everything about you.

And oh, how I hope to hold your hands over a sunset.
How I hope to spend a night on the beach with just you, a warm blanket and the stars above.
How I hope to hold your hands and walk by the sea side.
I can’t wait for those lips to touch mine.
I can’t wait to spend a warm night by your side.
Oh how I hope to fall asleep on your shoulders.
I wanna hold your hands all my life.
Oh how I dream of cooking dinner for you,
give you a massage after a hard day’s work.
I look forward to listening to your stories over a warm cup of coffee.

I have been like this since that night…
I dream of happy ever afters with you.


Like you have said, I should CHILL.
And perhaps, like I told you yesterday.
Perhaps it’s right I slow down, as He who goes slow, sees more. (DreamHigh)

For now, I’d count every star I’d whisper my wish to…
that one day, we’d meet halfway.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Perks of Tipping

Tipping benefits you, more than you know.

Although this is not an uncommon practice to many Pinoys, many are still unaware of the amazing benefits that this does. Let me run them down to you.
Yesterday I was out for a haircut. Since I moved back down south for work, I have been coming back (my third time yesterday) to a single salon which has satisfied me. But it was only yesterday when I realized tipping was allowed. And so before I left, I made sure to drop a bill on my hairdresser’s pockets.

Why did I do it?

Well it’s practically for her, for a job well done. But more than that, as a business major myself, I know it is more for me. It’s an investment, more than anything.

Tipping is commonly viewed as a simple form of gratitude. Many simply take it as that. But looking more into it, the benefits the tipper derives from this simple act is far more than the amount given.

A tip given is an advantage gained. I won’t sugar quote this one. Thing is, we are placed at a privileged advantage the next time we drop by for another service. Your waiter, valet or hairdresser, like anyone one else, would grant you more attention and favors the next time you avail of their service. It’s a way of bribing them (in a good way) for a favorable service the next time.

A tip given is HAPINESS shared – and gained. Tipping is an expression of gratitude. Not only are you expressing gratitude to the service personnel that treated you well, you are also expressing gratitude towards yourself. It is an act of recognition (and an expression) that you are thankful of your current status – no matter how much you earn.  Because of this gratitude, one is able to share and gain in return a certain form of happiness. Gratitude is a key factor in attaining happiness as according to Martin Seligman and many other leading psychologists of our time. (Read on that topic here)

LASTLY, tipping opens us to a relationship that benefits both parties. It is not a matter of the amount (although it is advised to tip ‘accordingly’) but the mere act of recognizing a person’s service to you is an appreciation of his/her job well done. In return, you become a favored client with whom he or she is indebted for another good service the next time.  You become, sort of, a friend with whom only the best shall be served.

So the next time you’re out, make sure to fold a bill and tip away!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TEEN WOLF // awoo!

So I have been doomed during the last few days of staying home and practically running through channels on the TV to at least afford the least of all possible distraction. I was bored, way bored. 

Fortunately, I stumbled upon some urban legend slash science fiction slash a-little-hot-for-TV show. Well, its MTV, what do I have to expect. 

Anyhow, I still have to score a copy, a DVD of this series or something before I can talk about the plot and stuffs like that. But for now, allow me, with my giglish tone, to share some pics I have found over the net as I went researching, err stalking its main stay casts!

I have just fallen for Tyler Posey! Who won't? lols

that smile, oh make that, sly smile :)

Put Colton Haynes in the picture, and I'd melt! 

Oh I just LOVE these two! haha

But am taking Tyler home, am sharing Colton with anyone :) lols 

So keep coming back for more about these guys, err, the show :) 

Check this link for more!