Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Gazelle

Once there was a young gazelle who lived in a forest near a farm land. 

This young gazelle was told to stay away from the farm 
and spend his time within the safety of the forest. 
The world outside is harsh. 

See no evil. Hear no evil.

The farmer near is a shrewd man. 
He worships profit and knows how to pull strings to gain more. 
He is evil.

But the gazelle is safe - even with the knowledge of this evil lurking somewhere near. 
The forest would protect him.

Or so he thought. 
One day the farmer wished for more land to toil and set the forest on fire. 

The forest perished in flames 
- and so did the gazelle.    


Would you rather die fighting evil? 
Or would you be afraid of it until it kills you?

The world is full of many wrong things, let's make it better. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

the heart beats with the wrong tune

It all started with one broken heart, and I guess it would also end with another broken heart.

He, with a conked out heart, wanted some time to think, to breathe and maybe, to forget the pain. With the sun racing towards the horizon, the air started to feel colder, the bright day light slowly turned to bright orange and pink streaks, soon it turned dull, then velvet, sooner the street lamps started to flicker and served as the brightest light around. He was seated for hours that the motorcycle parked near has fallen asleep and the crickets started to chant.

She, with a searching heart, came with a book that comes with the title How to be really really HAPPY. She sat at the bench and for hours read the pages of the book until the sun raced towards the horizon, the air started to feel colder, the bright day light slowly turned to bright orange and pink streaks, soon it turned dull, then velvet, sooner the street lamps started to flicker and served as the brightest light around. She was seated for hours that her shoes had already fallen asleep and the crickets started to chant.

He soon met her. And she, met him halfway.
They’ve met on a windy twilight; this bench knows the entire story.

Soon, he was driving fast to the park and she would wait at the bench. He would cry his heart out, and she, would listen with her heart, slowly being filled up. He talks, she listens, up until the street lamps become the only brightest light around.

Soon, the bench smelled coffee, pizza came in too. It saw some smiles, soon, laughters.
And so, he found her, and she found him.

But alas, she found herself falling.

But, one day as they were seated at the bench, she came – came back.
She has never seen him that happy; but she, found herself never been so sad but now.

He took the drooling motorbike, its engine, alive again, he rode off, with her.
And she, was left with her book and a memory.

Minsan, the heart beats with the wrong tune, 
but that doesn’t mean it’s not the song of love. 
Yakapin ang sakit, at hayaang tumibok ang puso. It’ll grow tired soon, and move on.

the hunter and the hunted

[fiction] originally written: 10.5.10

It was a rainy day and I was on my red hood running through the wet forest floor off to the south were the trees that grows beehives trod. I was running fast that I didn't notice her innocently trying to find her way in that forest, trying to counter follow the track that I am hastily running on. I was hurrying and she was slowing down – then there was a bump. 

Ouch! - and so that’s how I first saw Snowwhite.

I didn't like her for that; she made me roll on the ground and mess my red hood.

But for a while, I got used to seeing her, she found her niche in this forest we were both trying to consider home. Sooner, the forest became warmer, the trees greener and the sun soon was able to kiss the forest ground that calling it a home was meaning it.

Sooner, she found her friends - that included me.

And sooner than soon; she even found the hidden garden where she met this hunter. The hunter was, like all other hunters, rough and tough. But Snowwhite saw the child in him. She saw the beauty his fierce eyes. And sooner than the whole forest dwellers knew, the hunter wooed the damsel who despite her bewitching charm was equally charmed by the man.

Soon, roses grew and the bloomed red.

For long, the hunter and Snowwhite made every forest dweller equally charmed and envious of the love that binds their souls that the world soon revolved around them while the rings bind tighter and stronger.

Until one day, the hunter announced to Pooh and friends that the ring of passion between them has finally died that the roses has withered.

And so here I am, sharing my honey jar with this damsel in distress, seeking the best words, giving her my warmest hugs and trying hard to tell her that the sun shall soon shine while deep in my mind trying to figure out what went wrong.

The hunter hunted the forest’s most beautiful, 
and just like all hunters, left her for another game.

I just don’t understand why others settle for second best.


The auditorium looks ghostly, just the way you like it.

It’s almost eight and I know in a while I would hear your songs again. Isn’t it funny, I don’t even know what those melodies are called, but just like you said in our Humanities class, music does communicate better when it’s left nude, I need not hear a word to understand that you have a heart that keeps many secrets, the music you play is enough.

I can still remember that day when you said that, you were seated at the back of the room, denim pants, white shirt and glasses on, you were like the coolest nerd I have ever seem. You were one of those guys, the ones whom I love to listen to in class, the ones that are so mysteriously sexy, sort of.

Since my past relationship, I have never fallen this deep – writing you letters for me to keep, watching you from afar, dreaming of holding your hands. Ah! You’re the biggest joy and pain that my heart had. But I know our situation, you, Adrian Chen, are a university jock, you’re one of those guys that girls here would go crazy for. And I am out of that league, probably nobody to you. We attended the same high school though, but aside from that, I have no other connection with you.

Kaya naman, for almost a month now, I have been doing this. It’s quite pathetic but lurking here at the backstage seems better than watching you play in front of a large audience, your songs here seem more real, more conversational, more meant besides I think there are some songs that you only play here.

These were the thoughts running on my head when I heard that voice, that familiar voice.

I would like it better if you stop lurking here, there’s a chair near the piano, I don’t mind having company
For a moment, or maybe longer, I was speechless.

You know I watch you practice? – was my smartest response.
Damn, I just admitted my crime.

‘Since day one’

Crap! He knows, since day one, that I have been sort of stalking him? My, my, I just want to melt and disappear. But I had to face the situation, and him. I stood and turned around, faced him, who to my surprise was smiling, childlike – a rare thing.

But before I was able to say something, he took my hand. Adrian took my hand! I was breathless.

‘I need no explanations’ – ¬was the only thing he said before he offered me a seat, and played.

I was head over heels. He played ‘I will’ a Beatles classic, a song dear to my heart, a song though which I have never heard from him before.

I have a confession to make. – he said after the song.

To me? I asked.

Yes to you.

You know me? – was my confused response.

Since day one – he smiled, and looked at me in the eyes.

What do you mean? What’ is it you have to, err, confess?

He took a paper out of his pocket, looked at me and started to read.

The paper looked familiar, and I have known why when he started to read.

My T-shirt Guy,
Forgive me for looking at you, from afar.
Forgive me for dreaming of holding your hands.
Forgive me for loving you, hopelessly loving you…

He was not able to finish because I grabbed it off his hands. It was a blog post, at a blog that only my closest friends know, friends I know are not friends with him. Damn, I was really melting then; my eyes were befriending the floor already when he held my face.

Look at me.

I am not good with words, he said, that’s why I play the piano to say things. I play my songs here, where no one hears, where the one I have wrote it for isn’t around. Because just like you, I made sure I would not really be heard. But I was wronged, you were wronged. You have heard my songs, just like I have found your blog.

Confused, I whispered ‘I don’t get it.’ 

Before I fainted, I heard him say –
Gab, I was looking at you first, from afar.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

let's try walking a different, better road.

I had a flood of good views on my facebook page when I posted a video today.
Well, for the sake of sourcing, I'd share here the original source which I have also tweeted.

As a young marketing con writing professional (gee I sound mayabang, lols), 
I really take delight in well crafted ads. 
This video is one of those. So without further ado, check this video first.

After watching it, I flooded my twitter with rather inspired posts, lols.
But seriously, this video's message is way too simple and yet so profound, living up to it is quite a challenge.

Who isn't tired of all the bad news, more so bad media in the country? 
Minsan it is just really inspiring to be called to respond to a rather unconventional move. 
Bakit nga ba hindi tayo maging mga good news?

So while others waste their time and lives blaming who know who (hello government, hello authorities);
let's try walking a different, better road.


Monday, July 22, 2013

mama was right

When you grow older, you’d understand better. 
Mama was right, as it turn out.

On my commute to work today, I was giving this a thought.
Back when we were kids, we are often told that kids would not yet understand; that we have to wait and grow old, old enough, for us to understand certain things. Turns out, they were right.

Mama was right in saying that the world would be bigger as we grow up but it would be less complicated. The magic of fairy tales would die but the wonderful reality of life would slowly unfold. Yes, the world would be bigger, opportunities would be brighter, and numbers of people would come our way; and so to say, the chaos would seem to be louder. But it really won’t, it isn’t.

As we grow older, we become simpler. We learn how to see things in perspective; we learn the value of things and people. Our real wants and needs are also affirmed and re-validated  We would want more from life – but less in number. Our dreams become clearer and our ways become firmer.

The confusions that our bed time stories once had would soon all be gone as we age - in soul. 

Mama was right. Be patient my friend, you too shall understand.

Have a great week a head folks!   

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Like the sun dying for the moon...

because loving is selflessly giving

I do not intend to ask to much,
but to love another soul is to catch a bullet for his heart.
Loving is not owning, it is freely giving. 
Pain is but a validation of its depth, 
but it is measured more by just tears. 

Like the sun dying for the moon,
and the moon doing the same...

.. to love is to die.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Not one person deserves pain. Not one soul ought to suffer. It is unfair and unjust. Not even souls of most hateful deeds deserve pain. But why is the good usually afflicted? Why, he who has not wished evil upon his brethren, has to suffer excruciating pain?

I asked God. To no avail.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A RARE ROAD (Living with Behcet’s Disease)

If one day you wake up and discover that from that day on, you are to battle against a rare disease that might also one day take away your sight or your sanity; what would you do?

Cry? Perhaps the easiest way would be to sulk and find a little place on earth that could give you the best possible comfort. To quote one of my friends, to find a corner and find warmth, cry and forget about the world- even for just a while.

I did that. Many times I have taken comfort from my little corner on this earth. I have tried to forget its noise, about how painful my coming days are as I have Behcet’s Disease; I have tired to forget about all my fears, all my lost hopes, all these fading dreams.

But the tears would run dry, and in the end, such tears would fuel a fire that would ablaze warmer than you may have ever imagined. The gusto to live and continue, in spite of and despite of all the struggles that living with a rare disease entails, nothing would keep those burning desires.

If there is one new realization I could share from my recent ordeal, it is that;

in LIFE, not everything turn our way. So don’t bring an extra map - instead bring an extra gasoline - and let’s set this road on fire.

It’s all up to us at the end of the day. There are so many things that would come in between our dreams and where we are today. Plans – maps - and goals are nothing but guides; but the real purpose of life is the adventures we reap.

Nobody said it would be easy. Although there would be conventional roads but mostly there are rare roads. These are where the sick and afflicted, the judged, the misunderstood, the victims and all those who carry a far more colorful slate traverse. It is not a sad road. In spite of the physical pain and the emotional roller coasters of living with a rare disease - our road is like but like any road. But be proud, because mostly it’s the brightest - because the bravest and the warmest of souls travel here.

Cheers to life!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

nais kong muling maging kinse.

( A rePost from my old blog )

Nais kong muling maging kinse.

Nais kong tumakbo sa ulan, maglaro ng patentero at magtaguan sa malamig na semento ng lungsod na ito. Muling gumamit ng backpack at sumakay sa likod ng pick-up truck, maligo sa kung saan resort pagkatapos ng klase. Nais kong sumuka sa gulong ng kotse, pumasok sa bintana kung gabi at matulog sa bahay ng kung sinong katoto. Mais kong maglaro ng video game sa computer shop tapos maubusan ng pamasahe pauwi.

Kumain ng ice cream sa tabi ng daan at mag habulan sa high way. Magmotor, kumarera at muling sumemplang sa kanto. Nais kong mag habulan sa loob ng imburnal na tuyo at maglaro ng holen sa kung saan my lupa. Gusto kong muling maging taya sa syato’t mapikon sa laro ng piko. Magka band aid sa siko matapos sumakay sa bisekletang walang brake.

Kumain ng fishball tapos barbeque bago manood ng liga sa barangay. Gusto kong muling mag gate crash sa JS ng public school na malapit sa bahay. Mag star gazing sa bubong at muling matakot bumaba sa hagdang gawa sa kawayan. Umakyat sa puno ng mangga at mag kunwaring marunong talaga. Nais kong mahigang muli sa bermuda sa elementary school tapos manood ng mga ulap na tumatakbo. Muling makipag-away sa pinsan kong sunog. Nais kong maligo sa poso tapos makipagbasaan ng tubig sa mga kalaro. Gusto kong muling magswimming sa pool ng kakilala matapos mag cut ng klase. Magdala ng portable DVD at manood ng mga scandal at magtawanan sa loob ng classroom. Magparamihan ng jokes sa celphone at muling mapagalitan ng librarian. Magkunwaring magreresearch pero Facebook pala inaatupag.

Tumakas papuntang Legaspi at mahuli ng teacher kong layas din. Kumupit para mabili ang gustong Tshirt. Mangapit bahay para manood ng pelikula at masarahan ng pinto kasi gabing gabi na. Nais kong muling sumubok mag skate, at sana’y di na muling mabalian ng kaliwang braso dahil sa sementadong rampa. Maglaro sa arcade at muling pagmasimple sa paghatak sa ticket. Bumili ng mga transferable tattoo at magyabang na henna ito. Maki share ng shower room sa best friend at subukang mag yosi. Gusto kong mag videoke, kumanta ng Westlife at ng Celine Dion. Pumunta ng riles at lumubog sa putikang fishpond. Pumuntang perya tapos umuwing walang pera. Gusto kong muling kiligin kasi flirt din sya, at lalo’t higit jacket lang ang suot nya. Gusto kong magsimba kasi wala lang. Kumain ng goto pagkatapos ng klase sa gilid ng paradahan ng jeep, o di kaya’y dumayo sa may central para lang sa shake at halo-halo. Gusto kong muling mag round the bottle.

Nais kong muling maging kinse.
Hindi pa naman ganun matagal ang limang taong lumipas, ngunit bakit tila kay tagal na?

Nais kong muling maglaro, nais kong muling maging kinse.