Friday, August 23, 2013

I told him it’s better, better than before.

We plan our lives out.

In a world of measurable achievements; a well crafted plan plus a well executed step by step process is by far a thing that many aspire to do. I included. As planned, I should be holding a middle management position by now at Summit Media and doing some articles about lifestyle in between my Marketing stints. I should have been paying for a low priced condo unit with Avida and basically living the life.

But. There are BUTS in life that sometimes would break you – including all your life’s plans. These are the things that happen for the simplest reason that they should, or they would, or they simply could. Getting sick, losing a love one, learning that you’re down broke – anything that could reap away hope. It’s a sad thing. It is very sad and depressing. But, another BUT, it shall pass.
HOLDING on to your dreams could bring you so much hope.
I did it and am continuously holding into it.

I still can write, in spite of my visual limitations. I still can talk should come the time that I really have to bid good bye to my vision. Besides, I have a family that cares for me more than I think they do, should worse come to worse.

Frankly, when you face a life’s challenge as big as mine, the world actually becomes brighter. I don’t anymore consider this situation as a hindrance, but a vital part of my growth. My nephew, a few days ago asked me how my eyes feel and how they see things. I told him it’s better, better than before. Literally it is not, but the perspective changed. And so did I, I would like to think.

So cheer up. 
Nothing in this world is ought to bring us down - not even being unable to do all your planned out goals.

The spontaneous and the unplanned is far more fun! The measurable is for those who simply seek to finish, those who like to enjoy seek adventure – and life’s supposed to be that way.


Enjoy the coming long weekend guys!  

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Give credit to whom credit is due.
And so goes my post’s title.

I have never fully liked the president; there is something in him that’s so Cory Aquino. Of their family, it’s really only Ninoy whom I have liked most. But that doesn’t place me behind enemy lines nor does that make me an oppositionist.

I am more of a criticizing fan. I have said this before, that I never did vote for PNoy but his time at the office made me a fan. I have become a huge fan, a supporter and a critic all at the same time. I don’t agree with him in many many things but I agree with his goals. I don’t initially see the wisdom in most of his unusual ways – but God, I like them! He is fierce and firmly willed, the kind of president that we needed – after Marcos.

I am turning twenty three in a few days and I’d say am but a new soul to say much. But the last four presidencies, as for me, were a joke compared to what PNoy is doing. The past administration being the worst there is. Imagine the growth that this current presidency has brought upon the country – in a span of three years. Half the road and we have achieved what the past four presidents, including his MOM, had never.

True enough, the poor and the lower sectors of the society would say that these statistics and economic ratings are but just numbers. But as a part of that sector of the society, I would like to bask in the hope that sooner than soon, we are to feel, to experience changes. Although frankly; I see and feel some already.

The biggest ally of this presidency is not the one with a barong or that tuxedo at congress, nor is it the Resorts World dining businessman. It is not just them; it is us, as well. The current attitude and perspective by many Filipinos as measured by the likes of SWS shows how much trust and hope we have to a non-thief head of state. There is just so much trust that I hope we also learn to unlearn the attitude of negativity. I still see it and hear it often, but there are messages of hope and positive change every once in a while. Let’s listen to voices that aim for a better Philippines, frankly stop listening to Kabayan or that Korina Sanchez.

Like I have said above, KUDOS to PNoy 
for bringing about a culture of righteousness and positive change.
But the biggest KUDOS goes to all of us, for responding well.



Friday, August 16, 2013

dealing with the sick and the afflicted

Be it cancer, a disability or a rare auto-immune disease like mine, people with special health concerns are pretty much different. That does not mean we require special than special care and attention, just a different context when dealing with us like what we give to people - individually. Our differences make us unique and that do bot have to be a hindrance into having harmonious relationships. 

Anyhow, here's a few things that you might need to be aware of. Just so you know.

1. NEVER ASSUME. Know their language. 
Sick people have fears, pet-peeves and conversation turners. Know first what ticks them before assuming that conversations could go well. A hint, never mention their condition unless they open up. There's a whole different world they know, aside from their sickness - know that! .. 

2. FEAR. Never speak of it. Never ask of it.
People with terminal diseases, those with chronic conditions might sometime surprise you for having such a positive attitude towards life. But rule number1, never assume, because most of the time, they hide from the thoughts of their fears. So never ever bring it up - unless you are clinically there to talk about it.

3. RESPECT THEIR TEARS, no matter how small.
A rare condition in life is sure to give you a different perspective about things, so unless you fully (which you will never) understand a sick guy's vision of the world, never ever laugh at or belittle a tear. the slightest of things could mean an entirely different world to him. Simply put, walang basagan ng trip.

4. PAIN IS PAINFUL - no matter the degree.
I won't elaborate much, but the thing is a man's toothache is different from yours. so shut up and let his pain killers work. Not even a word to apace matters to a man in pain.

5. LISTEN. Never suggest.
In most cases, people with cancer or a rare disease would like to hear your opinion on things. Sometimes they even listen to a particular individual whom they find to be trustworthy enough. Unless you are that person, learn to listen first. Sick people usually talk about what they feel, start from listening to what they really say as this builds trust and in return understanding.

6. ASK. When you can ask.
Only when you are able to do the first five of these rules shall you have at least the right to know when a person is opening up, really opening up, to you. Only then shall you have the right to ask certain things that you might like to know - including his fears.

Silence might be the best option to some when it comes to dealing with things that we can't change. It's not. Silence knows no warmth, a hug does. A little physical connection can break so much that simply hugging a person with cancer or a rare disease could lift moods. Go ahead - unless you ain't really close.

8. NEVER EVER SURRENDER. You don't have that right.
So the doctor said, he might never see again. And you said something like that life is wonderful and all those happy encouragement. In the end though, you said that we should never any more expect cure because it will not come. You have a point. But you don’t have the right. He knows already, so don't kill his soul simply because of your blubber mouth. Most of the time, words can mean so much to sick people. Sometimes, it could break the trust he has given you. To give up from his fight is his right, don't ever take that away from him.

Allow them the things that they like to do. He writes, he draws. He likes to travel and see Batanes? Go ahead, let them at least feel more alive by backing them up. It feels so much wonderful to have at least one person who fully trusts in your passions and capacities - even given the limitations at hand.

10. LET THEM LIVE and commit mistakes.
He's not going to have a longer lifetime than yours, why limit him? Why keep him? Why be the reason of his sadness. LET THE GUY LIVE! There is so much to life that they could taste and feel and see and hear - all of them, all the possible joys that they can. Allow him to commit mistakes and laugh about it after. Allow him an unrestrained life. 

If there is one thing they truly need, it is not the medications but a real, unconditional love from someone who sees their value more than anyone in this world.


to you for taking care of someone like like us
may GOD give you more than you give  

where do you stand?

Life has a natural way of eliminating the weak.
Survival of the fittest. Law of nature.

Sometimes I wonder when would my time be up.
But so much for that. 

I'd like to simply put a message across for the weekend. 
The weak dies, the fittest survive.
But in the world, its not always about strength or wisdom - or even faith.
The fittest is a survivor, a living contender in an on going battle.
Whoever holds that favours of the gods, of the society as of the moment gets the power.
But lots are going to hate the favoured, the fittest included.  

On the moment the tides changes, the fittest would know how to strike - and who to put to silence.

The fittest is part GOD, part evil,
and he knows just how to survive.

Where do you stand? 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Open Letter to a Friend…

You would never really fully be able to love anyone 
should you not be really fully be able to love yourself, first.
 Cliché, but like most clichés there is a brutal truth to it 
– it’s TRUE.

We go through our own mistakes. 
We all, one time or another, got hurt or hurt someone in return. 
Only after the storm though shall we learn. The heart knows better after it breaks. 
Contrary to what others think, the heart actually learns better to trust and to love  with all its might – after it has been broken. That is because, only a broken heart is open, only a broken heart has gaps to fill – only a broken heart knows how painful, is painful.
Only a once broken heart can love and love beyond hurting.

So hang on my friend, the journey has just begun….

To your heart’s journey, I say KAMPAI!

Monday, August 5, 2013

vista iglesia / Naga City

This might come as a truly late post, 
but I have finally collated the photos I have had taken during one of my weekend getaways last March. 

If you are thinking of visiting Naga City, Cam Sur 
for the upcoming Peñafrancia celebration come September, 
here are some of the churches and attractions you might like to see...

I have not included the Peñafrancia shrine, which many would definitely flock to. 

First stop, 
the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Right on the heart of Naga City, the Metropolitan Cathedral houses one of 
the most alluring Minor Seminaries you might see.

The Holy Rosary Minor Seminary is one of the few heritage sites within the city.

Within the grounds of the Metropolitan Cathedral is the 
Church of the Sacraments.

Another attraction is the Porta Mariae. 

Built in the to commemorate the Virgin Mary's role in calling Catholics into the house of GOD, 
the Porta stands inviting pilgrims and tourists alike.

The dome at the Metropolitan Cathedral is also an awe to behold.

The San Francisco Church, located a few blocks from the Metropolitan Cathedral also holds a huge number of devotees. I personally attend masses here way back my Ateneo years.

And of course, 
you might also want to visit the Christ the King Church 
at the Ateneo de Naga Grounds. 


so, see you around, then?


Sunday, August 4, 2013

standing on unfamiliar ground

This was originally posted last year on my deleted wordpress blog, and for the sake of sharing,  i would like to share this post again. #INSPIRE  

On my way to the movies yesterday, I dropped by the grocery to get something for me and (name deleted) to munch on. It was not a typical day as there was a rather thicker crowd due to the long weekend. I grabbed some chips and two sodas; and headed towards the express counter. It was taking ages there, apparently, so I decided to look for another counter.

And found a line that I have never imagined I would be falling into – ever.

But since things have changed; I found my toes standing on an unfamiliar ground; one that I am slowly accepting.

Since I look extremely normal with my glasses on, the sales lady reminded that the line was supposed to be for senior citizens and disabled. I took a deep breath and tried to speak up. But I mumbled. Surprisingly, even my body seems to deny it still. But I guess, she then noticed, that I was allowed to make my payments there.

I am one eyed, technically (and legally) visually impaired. But since I have lived a really normal life before I completely lost my left eye’s vision, I find it hard to adapt to new things, to new pesky and perky things.

I would like to think though, that lining up in a senior citizen/disabled lane was a perky thing. Not to mention, a very bold move, a move of acceptance for me.

The night before, a friend was asking my thoughts on how to rid off insecurities, on how to fully accept the person that she is. In response, I texted her this…

Ask. Accept. It’s a two step process, two hard steps though.

I guess, I can say that I know how this process works now, I mean better now. It is not a limitation to have such of this condition. Together with the many others differently-able out there, I am proud to say that we are; I am different. It is not really a weakness to be different. And yes we might require special treatment on certain cases, but that never warrants us the limitation. It does not make us weaker. But rather it makes us stronger; to be able to live quite like other normal individuals, in spite of our difference.

Acceptance is something that we give ourselves. It is not something that others would give us, it comes from within. Love the person that you are and the world would love you back – no questions asked.