Thursday, August 22, 2013


Give credit to whom credit is due.
And so goes my post’s title.

I have never fully liked the president; there is something in him that’s so Cory Aquino. Of their family, it’s really only Ninoy whom I have liked most. But that doesn’t place me behind enemy lines nor does that make me an oppositionist.

I am more of a criticizing fan. I have said this before, that I never did vote for PNoy but his time at the office made me a fan. I have become a huge fan, a supporter and a critic all at the same time. I don’t agree with him in many many things but I agree with his goals. I don’t initially see the wisdom in most of his unusual ways – but God, I like them! He is fierce and firmly willed, the kind of president that we needed – after Marcos.

I am turning twenty three in a few days and I’d say am but a new soul to say much. But the last four presidencies, as for me, were a joke compared to what PNoy is doing. The past administration being the worst there is. Imagine the growth that this current presidency has brought upon the country – in a span of three years. Half the road and we have achieved what the past four presidents, including his MOM, had never.

True enough, the poor and the lower sectors of the society would say that these statistics and economic ratings are but just numbers. But as a part of that sector of the society, I would like to bask in the hope that sooner than soon, we are to feel, to experience changes. Although frankly; I see and feel some already.

The biggest ally of this presidency is not the one with a barong or that tuxedo at congress, nor is it the Resorts World dining businessman. It is not just them; it is us, as well. The current attitude and perspective by many Filipinos as measured by the likes of SWS shows how much trust and hope we have to a non-thief head of state. There is just so much trust that I hope we also learn to unlearn the attitude of negativity. I still see it and hear it often, but there are messages of hope and positive change every once in a while. Let’s listen to voices that aim for a better Philippines, frankly stop listening to Kabayan or that Korina Sanchez.

Like I have said above, KUDOS to PNoy 
for bringing about a culture of righteousness and positive change.
But the biggest KUDOS goes to all of us, for responding well.



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