Sunday, July 14, 2013

A RARE ROAD (Living with Behcet’s Disease)

If one day you wake up and discover that from that day on, you are to battle against a rare disease that might also one day take away your sight or your sanity; what would you do?

Cry? Perhaps the easiest way would be to sulk and find a little place on earth that could give you the best possible comfort. To quote one of my friends, to find a corner and find warmth, cry and forget about the world- even for just a while.

I did that. Many times I have taken comfort from my little corner on this earth. I have tried to forget its noise, about how painful my coming days are as I have Behcet’s Disease; I have tired to forget about all my fears, all my lost hopes, all these fading dreams.

But the tears would run dry, and in the end, such tears would fuel a fire that would ablaze warmer than you may have ever imagined. The gusto to live and continue, in spite of and despite of all the struggles that living with a rare disease entails, nothing would keep those burning desires.

If there is one new realization I could share from my recent ordeal, it is that;

in LIFE, not everything turn our way. So don’t bring an extra map - instead bring an extra gasoline - and let’s set this road on fire.

It’s all up to us at the end of the day. There are so many things that would come in between our dreams and where we are today. Plans – maps - and goals are nothing but guides; but the real purpose of life is the adventures we reap.

Nobody said it would be easy. Although there would be conventional roads but mostly there are rare roads. These are where the sick and afflicted, the judged, the misunderstood, the victims and all those who carry a far more colorful slate traverse. It is not a sad road. In spite of the physical pain and the emotional roller coasters of living with a rare disease - our road is like but like any road. But be proud, because mostly it’s the brightest - because the bravest and the warmest of souls travel here.

Cheers to life!

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