Thursday, June 27, 2013

And get the oxytocin flowing...

I have been basically feeling good lately. Living with Bechets Disease for almost two years now, I am at a state that we call remission phase. Googling that word would lead you to articles saying that the symptoms of cancer has had subsided, for a while or for good. So in a note, this is phase of good days and happy mornings. 

So why do I need OXYTOCIN? You might me asking. Thing is, its actually a brain chemical that's associated with trust and attachment. In other words, it is something that makes us feel we are being intimate with a special individual. That my friend is what I have been craving for, really craving for lately. 

Aside from the physical aspect of intimacy, which I have had been able to satisfy in lots of ways in my recent past. My need now for intimacy is more primal. I simply seek a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on and a heart that would be willing to hear my heart out. 

I did some reading about this topic and found on, an article that tickled some thoughts in me. 
 Men, however, often regard intimacy as working or playing side-by-side. Sure, they might discuss a bad week at work, even troubles in their love lives. But rarely do they share their secret dreams and darkest fears. (When they do, they often use "joke speak," camouflaging their feelings with humor.) And men almost never look deeply into each other's eyes. Their approach to intimacy probably also harks back to prehistory: Picture ancestral males gathering behind a bush, quietly staring across the grass in hopes of felling a passing buffalo. They faced their enemies but sat next to their friends. 
This is why, to build intimacy with a man, I do things with him—side-by-side. That way, when I talk, he isn't threatened by my gaze. 

Relate-able! I found myself nodding on some thoughts I have found over quite a few online journals. I simply really seek for more intimacy, for connection and feeling of being able to share a part of me to a person who's willing to accept all of which.

Although I truly agree when Helen said: 

Men get a blast of it when they kiss, women feel a rush when they hold a lover's hand, and during orgasm, both partners are flooded with the powerful substance. So last but not least, enjoy each other physically. Good sex really does build intimacy.
More than looking for a hook up, my heart really seeks for the real thing. I want coffee dates, movie dates at home, I want to watch the stars and waste Saturday nights with someone. I seek for laughter, for happy tears and all those things you get from having been truly connected.  

So yes, as I have promised in my post before this, 
this my friend is a confession of how isolated I feel lately
and how much INTIMACY, I know I need.  


Have a great weekend, folks!

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