Monday, August 5, 2013

vista iglesia / Naga City

This might come as a truly late post, 
but I have finally collated the photos I have had taken during one of my weekend getaways last March. 

If you are thinking of visiting Naga City, Cam Sur 
for the upcoming Peñafrancia celebration come September, 
here are some of the churches and attractions you might like to see...

I have not included the Peñafrancia shrine, which many would definitely flock to. 

First stop, 
the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Right on the heart of Naga City, the Metropolitan Cathedral houses one of 
the most alluring Minor Seminaries you might see.

The Holy Rosary Minor Seminary is one of the few heritage sites within the city.

Within the grounds of the Metropolitan Cathedral is the 
Church of the Sacraments.

Another attraction is the Porta Mariae. 

Built in the to commemorate the Virgin Mary's role in calling Catholics into the house of GOD, 
the Porta stands inviting pilgrims and tourists alike.

The dome at the Metropolitan Cathedral is also an awe to behold.

The San Francisco Church, located a few blocks from the Metropolitan Cathedral also holds a huge number of devotees. I personally attend masses here way back my Ateneo years.

And of course, 
you might also want to visit the Christ the King Church 
at the Ateneo de Naga Grounds. 


so, see you around, then?


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