Thursday, June 6, 2013

a puppy tail's tale

Once there was a curious little puppy that stays in a cozy little doghouse with his mom. Being an only pup, he learns almost every essential thing there is to learn from her.

One sunny day his mom told him to go and play on the grass. He obeyed in delight.

Running to and fro, he took delight in chasing little bugs and butterflies. When he grew tired, he was treated with a refreshing drink of water by his mom on the patio.

For the entire summer he enjoyed chasing things. He even learned that little kids enjoy throwing balls and sticks which he would then fetch and return. He gets little treats for doing so, like a cookie or a crunchy chip. Chasing things is rewarding, he learned.

And so to say, he enjoyed and mastered the art of chasing.

One night he asked his mom where happiness is. He got curious when he saw a poster that says "I am in pursuit of happiness". The little pup is determined to chase it too, if only he could know where it is.

His mom said; it is in your tail.

When morning came, he went running into the grass and started chasing happiness, his tail.

But to no avail, he took the entire morning trying to chase and catch his happiness but he ended up tired and exhausted. At lunch, he asked his mom why he can’t catch his tail, his happiness.

His mom said simply; there is only one way to catch your happiness; stop chasing and move on, then your happiness would surely follow.

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