Wednesday, June 26, 2013

thank you, Warm Bodies

For weeks now, I have been thinking about probably using a fictional character to describe my rare health condition. I was going for a vampire. I have been quite sure that I might actually play with lots of the premises presented by the concept of Edward Cullen, immortality, a blood disease and unquenchable thirst and so on and so forth. In my heart of hearts, I did think that am a vampire at my own right.

But things changed, thanks to Warm Bodies.

I personally don’t find the movie’s plot too compelling. It even seemed too no brainer. But the way R (played by my ex, Nicholas Hoult, lols) was quite compelling. It was only his character, and I’d say, the actor’s great portrayal, that took the entire movie to a level that’s enjoyable.

R was so relatable! His emptiness was so lifelike. It took me about six months after I miss it on the silver screens (have only rented the movie days ago) to finally confirm that the compelling tumblr posts about the movie were true. Bottom line, I did see myself in lots of the issues that R portrayed of having. And since am a sucker for romance, it was amazing how real and simple were his intentions to connect, to be able to find a soul to share his ‘life’ with. I also like the thought that he became ‘human’ at the end. 
He became vulnerable to pain and found it such a bliss.

I am a Zombie, sort of. That emptiness had me captured. The opening lines of R were like echoes of my own. It was really funny hearing him fuss about things that extends to my reality. 

Who does not seek connection, huh?

In the end, it would be hard to relate my health condition to being a zombie. Being a vampire still tops the list, but with many things, like I have said, am also a Zombie. Much of my social issues are R’s issues too. And I like how he was able to solve them when he found his girl. I just hope to soon meet mine, too.

As for now, I’d roam around this airport and collect good records.  

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