Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TEEN WOLF // awoo!

So I have been doomed during the last few days of staying home and practically running through channels on the TV to at least afford the least of all possible distraction. I was bored, way bored. 

Fortunately, I stumbled upon some urban legend slash science fiction slash a-little-hot-for-TV show. Well, its MTV, what do I have to expect. 

Anyhow, I still have to score a copy, a DVD of this series or something before I can talk about the plot and stuffs like that. But for now, allow me, with my giglish tone, to share some pics I have found over the net as I went researching, err stalking its main stay casts!

I have just fallen for Tyler Posey! Who won't? lols

that smile, oh make that, sly smile :)

Put Colton Haynes in the picture, and I'd melt! 

Oh I just LOVE these two! haha

But am taking Tyler home, am sharing Colton with anyone :) lols 

So keep coming back for more about these guys, err, the show :) 

Check this link for more! 

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