Monday, March 18, 2013

BUSY, as a kid sees it

Earlier today, I while I was prepin’ up for work, we discovered that my sister’s laptop was left turned on after last night’s blackout. So I told Lance, my nephew, who turns 10 come the 24th, to turn it off. Unfortunately the battery was drained so he’s got to plug it first so he’d be able to shut it down properly. He did follow.
It came to me that the battery might need some charging so I suggested; instead, he could plug it first and let it charge at least for the morning. His school is through so he’s gonna be at home all day with his lolo. But apparently he was busy.
To quote him, ‘I can’t do it, I am busy all day.’
Surprised of his ‘schedule’, I asked why.

He said; ‘I will be BUSY all day, because I would go to my friend’s house and we’re going to PLAY. I’d be here by lunch and then gone again for the afternoon (to play)’
Well, what do you expect with a kid like him? The world is but a big, big, big playground. And BUSY could mean being at school – or playing all day.
He (and that conversation) sort of made me think about how I see my BUSY life.
Over breakfast he was talking to his mom, my sister, who flew to and back from Manila the past weekend. And Lance was so concern why she was ‘late’ when they picked her up at the airport.
She said it was because the plane left Manila quite late as scheduled.
In my adult’s mind, that delay was a hindrance to my BUSY life, so it is to my sister’s. We are both adults living a BUSY life – apparently. This is how we view our BUSY lives; it’s a well scheduled routine that we have to accomplish. Our BUSY lives include lists, and deadlines and nagging bosses. BUSY, apparently means STRESS to most of us.

But my nephew took it like a normal thing – and shouldn’t it be?
He was not concern about the delay, instead he went asking about how was the trip. From where did my sister enter the plane- was it from the big tube? Or was it from the tarmac? He was so engrossed with other things, he did not mind what we, adults, would have spent our time, and lost our temper with – the delay
Our BUSY lives are so systematic and planned, that delays aren’t even welcomed. We dread them – as much as we dread our BUSY lives.
But, behold, here is my nephew up about to ‘enjoy’ his BUSY life.
Apparently, it depends entirely on how we see our lives, our BUSY lives.
Mine might be filled with deadlines and editing, office politics and avoiding memos – but should I try to look at it differently, am pretty much living a BUSY life like that of him. He’s gonna be BUSY playing – and so would I, that is, if I look at it that way.    

I decided to be a writer because I love writing – ain’t that enough to be happy? No matter how BUSY it may ask me to be, am doing something I like (err LOVE) – and that should be enough of a consolation, shouldn’t it?
IKAW? How busy are you? Cheer up dude (and gal), it’s all about perspective.
TARA LARO TAYO! (Com’on let’s PLAY)      

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