Monday, June 3, 2013

me wanna steal books, again

I really find it hard to call myself bookish, because I am not. In comparison to most people I know, who are, by name and distinction, book lovers slash chronic readers, I would dwarf in comparison. But I do read; a lot, but not enough to be a book worm. A dork, perhaps, but not really a book worm; okay?

‘nuff said. Yesterday I was, the usual me, being a mall rat. And for a change, after sometime, after having been ‘cool-off’ with National Bookstore and, every reader’s haven, Booksale, I took the courage to flip through pages of books again.

I stopped reading in the recent past, for the lack of inspiration mainly. And yes, for the fact that I did have lots in my mind. Books were, sort of, a distraction.

But now am back on track (still trying to) and I guess my mind and the young, gorgeous, sexy, oh scratch that, the kid in me seeks adventures again. And the grown up in me seeks inspiration. I thirst of talking, yup talking, to my dear life coach, Paulo Coelho. I kinda miss Narnia, too. I haven’t read Prince Caspian and the very first of the series!

So, there, the reason as to why am posting this, is to remind me that am yet again wanting to read. And since am no longer the brat Brent that I used to be, I have to remind myself that I can’t steal books from the Ateneo library anymore. LOLS. Kidding aside, that I have to be a bit frugal in the next few months to be able to finally collect all, yes ALL of Paulo’s books, which would probably take me till next year :D But the thing is, I would try my best saving up. I don’t really like reading on Kindle, it sucks. I like the smell of paper, and I like being able to doodle with my books. Besides, they won’t break if I fall asleep on them. More so, it won’t hurt if I drool :D

Oh well, so there you go, the dork in me is way too excited. Let me know if you know where to score (or steal >:D) these books!

Have a great week ahead!

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