Tuesday, July 23, 2013

let's try walking a different, better road.

I had a flood of good views on my facebook page when I posted a video today.
Well, for the sake of sourcing, I'd share here the original source which I have also tweeted.

As a young marketing con writing professional (gee I sound mayabang, lols), 
I really take delight in well crafted ads. 
This video is one of those. So without further ado, check this video first.

After watching it, I flooded my twitter with rather inspired posts, lols.
But seriously, this video's message is way too simple and yet so profound, living up to it is quite a challenge.

Who isn't tired of all the bad news, more so bad media in the country? 
Minsan it is just really inspiring to be called to respond to a rather unconventional move. 
Bakit nga ba hindi tayo maging mga good news?

So while others waste their time and lives blaming who know who (hello government, hello authorities);
let's try walking a different, better road.


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