Sunday, February 17, 2013

on looking old

a blog post about gracefully aging

I had a good laugh early today.

I and my sister share a bathroom, and every single day for seven months now, we sort of annoy each other by spending quite lots of time in the bathroom. If I wake up early, she’d get a piece of my revenge by spending more-than-needed time doing my morning rituals.

But today she woke up earlier than I (since I watched GGV last night which featured Gab Valenciano, whom I have a post about, here). I spent my first half hour sipping coffee and thinking how long she’d brush her teeth before finally taking a bath. I was like a kid waiting for his turn for a coveted toy (and that my friend is annoying, hahha)

After her (was obviously my turn) I went inside the bathroom. And not long enough, she came knocking. My sister, who is about 40ish now, is looking for her dentures.  She spent a good couple of minutes ranting that I open the door but I am way sure it is not on the sink, or anywhere inside. So she went up stairs, to no avail. She even called our husky dog to check if Doppy might have had a unique breakfast, but again to no avail. Until she finally, remembered, I think, that she left it at the sink – at the kitchen. How, or why – I don’t have any freakin’ idea.

While she was about to go I kiddingly asked, Why? can’t you go to work without your teeth?
I’d look old, duh. –was her reply.

Funny how we get to associate looking old with loosing teeth (as if my sister haven’t yet, hahha) and with wrinkled skin. I have realized how we look at old age as something so unlovely, so unfortunate – as far as vanity is concerned.

But my man, isn’t old age a chance to celebrate the memories that comes along with wrinkled skin and lost teeth? There is just so much about old age, plus the fact that not everyone is given the chance to experience it, I just think looking old is not something to be fearful of.

I may have to wear dentures soon, but I would be proud to look old if only it means having a whole lot of memories to tell (like this one).

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