Sunday, April 28, 2013

#DearPH: Who’s taking a firm stand now?

I woke up to sad news, yet again, today. The White Vote movement, an assembly of different religious organizations, has come up with their ‘senatorial line up’ for the coming 2013 elections.

Although I have nothing against the organization, it just seems so wrong to see these ‘rather influential’ organizations giving out biased information for the sake of their cause. I mean I get it, being a Catholic (or Christian) entails evangelizing the world. But there exists a thin line between politics and religion. Politics, that being grounded on socio-economic needs and equal rights; and religion, touching the holistic persona of a person and communal spiritual journey; are two different things. Although there would be areas that these two should fuse and play in unison, there are also instances that these two are better left coexisting – separately. What one may accept as true as per religion may not actually be as incremental for a society’s growth. And vice versa.

The much talked about RH BILL and the action of many Catholic and Christian dominions to not vote for those who are supporting this bill makes me sad. It breaks my heart to hear even my sister having misinformed notions about the bill.

Yes, it is progressive and liberal in nature. But it never provides for forced abortion, or abortion per se. It does not have clauses about euthanasia (God, where did that even come from). It does not dictate the number of children to be conceived, nor does it promote and legalize same sex relationships.  

Read here for yourself:

It only gives us, especially women, the choice. What is wrong with choice then? If this provision only aims to help and further better living, then what is so wrong?

Laws would always have possibilities of being abused, but that does not make the law per se evil. It makes the man (or woman) who bends it for his(her) schemes evil, but the law per se was conceived with so much good faith. I just hope the church people see this.

Thus I look up to those who stood up for this. I am definitely voting for senatoriables who took a firm stand for this cause. To be really frank, I would rather vote for a person who bravely stands against a crowd of misinformed Filipinos than vote for those who conform for the sake of being ‘liked’ and ‘voted’ for. I would rather vote for those who took a solid stand than those who kept mum in the crowd but quietly mock them for their ignorance.

It is time for a progressive Philippines, and it starts with a progressive mindset. Don’t you see history repeating itself? How many times did the Philippines succumbed to ‘religion’ only until the likes of RIZAL and BONIFACIO took a firm stand?

Who’s taking a firm stand now? And who are they doing it for?
Ikaw? Sinong iboboto mo? Take a firm stand my friend.


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