Wednesday, November 27, 2013

YOLANDA – and its aftermath to (some) people

This blog post might seem a bit too late, but I did intend to write post scripts, when the ’storm’ is finally much more calm. Tough I have been quite active on my facebook account about how to help and all other things about #YolandaPh; my fascination with behavioral psychology is really at its heights.

So let me start…

Here’s a rundown of how this very strong storm had changed even the country’s political and social landscape – with concentrations on these people.

PNOY (The President)

I was never a fan, but he has been doing quite good in the first few years in the office (and so I give him credit for that, click here ) until the recent weeks. Coming from Ateneo myself, am aware of this man’s status in the learned society. He is, as we call him, OC when it comes to details. He disregards wrong information and is really pissed by wrong and bad media. This gives him a good (and not so good) status.

One, he took the police’s statement that almost 10,000 died. It was a rough estimate and it was wrong. He made a good impression by stating that it could be less, so to not put further bad effects. What he did wrong? He fired that man off his post. Was it too much? Well, for a staff who was there at the city where thousands were killed, he was simply being honest and fair. Was he wrong? Yes but to fire him for simply stating a possible fact that made the world ‘listen and look’ at us far more caringly? – NO. 

Secondly, he said Tacloban was not prepared - and I say yes. But granted the region’s leaders, was that statement a statement or a political bashing? The Romualdezes took the storm like a simple thing, and it pissed me off as well. For one, an ex-executive of Cebu was able to evacuate a total of 1500 people out of an island to safety; how come Tacloban, which has been historically hit by calamities of this magnitude took a calm approach. Is the governor liable, YES. But with the president’s political bashing, too much! While he was lambasting the also affected officials, where were the reliefs? It took four days before the innocent survivors received one. Galing Galing naman nun, PNOY. Talk about real #Priorities.

Lastly, he took over the mission to help only after bashing (and blaming) everyone else and, here’s the fun, only until the international media started to talk negatively of him. Now, the question, did he really intend to help primarily because he is RESPONSIBLE AS WELL? Or simply because his image is way going down?

My ratings: DOWN.


She has lost her credibility long before this event, but her incident with CNN’s Anderson Cooper placed her even below mud. She has been quite very good on TV but is really off on DZMM since Binay and the rest of their rivals. Making a not so needed bad comment on a reputable anchor on the field, haha , nah sistah, way too much. Would I ever believe her, hell no. Has she lost her media reputation – yes!

My ratings: Get another life!


I won’t talk much about this guy because am not well researched really, but his current HAHAHA comments on the PAG-ASA personnel l who died on the field during the typhoon was not just below the belt but is a serious indicator of his low view on the morality of things. Why blame the person who died while serving well? Pag-Asa did not do anything stupid this time, he did. The agency lost a personnell, he laughed about it. Now tell me, is he worth our trust?

My ratings: konting ingat, p’re.

And since all these guys have further lost their rather not so good reputation, here’s some who inspires…


Get the news here : 
(Kara David's facebook)

I need no more words.
These are poor people with a good heart….


(posted by RED CROSS on their twitter account)

a person with disability who inspired me to be better, to continue living…


for further help:

Need I say more? 
From the millions donated, to the labors freely given. 

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