Saturday, July 27, 2013

the hunter and the hunted

[fiction] originally written: 10.5.10

It was a rainy day and I was on my red hood running through the wet forest floor off to the south were the trees that grows beehives trod. I was running fast that I didn't notice her innocently trying to find her way in that forest, trying to counter follow the track that I am hastily running on. I was hurrying and she was slowing down – then there was a bump. 

Ouch! - and so that’s how I first saw Snowwhite.

I didn't like her for that; she made me roll on the ground and mess my red hood.

But for a while, I got used to seeing her, she found her niche in this forest we were both trying to consider home. Sooner, the forest became warmer, the trees greener and the sun soon was able to kiss the forest ground that calling it a home was meaning it.

Sooner, she found her friends - that included me.

And sooner than soon; she even found the hidden garden where she met this hunter. The hunter was, like all other hunters, rough and tough. But Snowwhite saw the child in him. She saw the beauty his fierce eyes. And sooner than the whole forest dwellers knew, the hunter wooed the damsel who despite her bewitching charm was equally charmed by the man.

Soon, roses grew and the bloomed red.

For long, the hunter and Snowwhite made every forest dweller equally charmed and envious of the love that binds their souls that the world soon revolved around them while the rings bind tighter and stronger.

Until one day, the hunter announced to Pooh and friends that the ring of passion between them has finally died that the roses has withered.

And so here I am, sharing my honey jar with this damsel in distress, seeking the best words, giving her my warmest hugs and trying hard to tell her that the sun shall soon shine while deep in my mind trying to figure out what went wrong.

The hunter hunted the forest’s most beautiful, 
and just like all hunters, left her for another game.

I just don’t understand why others settle for second best.

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