Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Perks of Tipping

Tipping benefits you, more than you know.

Although this is not an uncommon practice to many Pinoys, many are still unaware of the amazing benefits that this does. Let me run them down to you.
Yesterday I was out for a haircut. Since I moved back down south for work, I have been coming back (my third time yesterday) to a single salon which has satisfied me. But it was only yesterday when I realized tipping was allowed. And so before I left, I made sure to drop a bill on my hairdresser’s pockets.

Why did I do it?

Well it’s practically for her, for a job well done. But more than that, as a business major myself, I know it is more for me. It’s an investment, more than anything.

Tipping is commonly viewed as a simple form of gratitude. Many simply take it as that. But looking more into it, the benefits the tipper derives from this simple act is far more than the amount given.

A tip given is an advantage gained. I won’t sugar quote this one. Thing is, we are placed at a privileged advantage the next time we drop by for another service. Your waiter, valet or hairdresser, like anyone one else, would grant you more attention and favors the next time you avail of their service. It’s a way of bribing them (in a good way) for a favorable service the next time.

A tip given is HAPINESS shared – and gained. Tipping is an expression of gratitude. Not only are you expressing gratitude to the service personnel that treated you well, you are also expressing gratitude towards yourself. It is an act of recognition (and an expression) that you are thankful of your current status – no matter how much you earn.  Because of this gratitude, one is able to share and gain in return a certain form of happiness. Gratitude is a key factor in attaining happiness as according to Martin Seligman and many other leading psychologists of our time. (Read on that topic here)

LASTLY, tipping opens us to a relationship that benefits both parties. It is not a matter of the amount (although it is advised to tip ‘accordingly’) but the mere act of recognizing a person’s service to you is an appreciation of his/her job well done. In return, you become a favored client with whom he or she is indebted for another good service the next time.  You become, sort of, a friend with whom only the best shall be served.

So the next time you’re out, make sure to fold a bill and tip away!
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