Tuesday, April 9, 2013

for now, I’d count every star

As to why am I even writing this, I also don’t know.

It is clear to me though, that I want to start a new chapter with you. As to how, I’d leave that for the coming days. But as to why, I’d like to quote one of my texts to you, maybe one day, it would all make sense.

It isn’t new to me to be totally head over heels over someone – acting on it, though, is something rare. I have been good in keeping things to myself and, mind you, I did intend to do so. But…

But the bubble burst. 
And now am again listening to Westlife and A1, oh boy! These bands are like my ‘ohh-you’re-falling-dude-jams’. And like I have been telling you, I can’t get you out of my mind. It’s funny how you turned everything around. Funny, how suddenly the world has got a new radiance.

I have promised myself I’d just play around; I’d just go with the flow and expect nothing from people. I have love and lost a couple of times, and yes, I have been coward enough to try again. The fear of being, yet again, left behind is just so unbearable. But…

But, then again, you seem to be an exception.

I love every little thing about you (granted the very short time we have known each other)

I love the way you stubbornly neglect my texts.
I love the way to put two dots every after a sentence (and I don’t know why)
I love the way you dance, oh boy, you’re the hottest thing on the dance floor.
I love the way you talk.
I love the way you carry yourself.
I love the fact that you drive.
I love the fact that you’re settled and contented.
I love the fact that you’re effortlessly sexy.
I love everything about you.

And oh, how I hope to hold your hands over a sunset.
How I hope to spend a night on the beach with just you, a warm blanket and the stars above.
How I hope to hold your hands and walk by the sea side.
I can’t wait for those lips to touch mine.
I can’t wait to spend a warm night by your side.
Oh how I hope to fall asleep on your shoulders.
I wanna hold your hands all my life.
Oh how I dream of cooking dinner for you,
give you a massage after a hard day’s work.
I look forward to listening to your stories over a warm cup of coffee.

I have been like this since that night…
I dream of happy ever afters with you.


Like you have said, I should CHILL.
And perhaps, like I told you yesterday.
Perhaps it’s right I slow down, as He who goes slow, sees more. (DreamHigh)

For now, I’d count every star I’d whisper my wish to…
that one day, we’d meet halfway.

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