Monday, May 6, 2013

Passports and Past Lives

We live different lives now, apparently.

Although I am aware that after Ateneo things would change. Have I imagined that it would be like this? No. The two past years have been harsh. I have never expected that my life would turn around – so fast and so drastic, not even tears could appease my wounded soul.

Last weekend, I have been reminded, yet again, of my status. Reminded that, things have changed and the past has passed and our lives have come to the point where we part ways.

My best friend has a life way different with mine now. Although it is not right to ask her to ‘wait’ as I fix myself and prepare to bounce back, the feeling of being left behind is just so hard to bear. Because of my health condition, I had to let go of many things. Work opportunities, travel and getaways, night outs and many others.    


I used to dream of going to Batanes with a very special friend. But since things have changed, I had to let go of that dream. And now, yet again, I have to let go of another. She has to chase her dreams, see more places and yes, stamp more countries on her passport. 

While I, have to recuperate and hope and pray that I totally become better.

Past Lives

If there is something I have picked up from my recent facilitating stint at the Ateneo, that would be, LIFE IS AS EASY AS ABC. Awareness bridges Change. It is only after one becomes aware that change shall occur. The dreams we have made are far gone, those are but parts of my past life. And since things have changed, since my health condition has limited me, so shall my dreams. This should not stop me from dreaming though, only, I should revise my goals and make them work within the situation that I am at – now.

People come and go – and the world turns. So it is not right to cling on the past and hope that everything planned would go our way. Let’s celebrate life, day in, day out. 

Keep dreams in our hearts – but change them as we go along the way. 

The adventure is far more fun, when we stir the wheels out of the road.

Have a great Tuesday guys!

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