Thursday, October 24, 2013


not for a life time.

This thought has been bugging me, well quite noisier lately. 
In the absence of a clear future for me, 
nothing really comforts but the thought that today, 
at this very moment, 
I could be happy. 

The passing days have been tormenting knowing that most of the dreams I have had are slowly fading with my vision. 
But I take perfect solitude and calm in the thought that this too shall pass. Funny how my opening line came into my mind. I was, of all places, at the loo for you know, and then IT came in. Para san pa nga ba ang buhay ko? There are dreams fading, but now new ones are also getting in. I suddenly remembered my mom and how early she left - and how i survived it. The time after her passing and the moment I have completely moved on. I remember the things I used to cry over with - and how funny they seem now. The funny concerns I have had when I was in high school and how stupid they seem now. 
Life's like that really, sakyan mo na lang. The fears that we have now would all be over and things would be better. 
Cliche, pero bahala na si Batman!   

I am afraid of what life has to offer because I really don't know what's ahead. And then it hit me, who really does know?

TRIP lang ang lahat, kaya dapat chill lang, kalma. 
Mabulag man ako o hindi, maging masaya man ang lovelife ko o hindi, what matters most really is 
how THIS VERY MOMENT is spent. 
As you know, tomorrow might not really any more come to me, so why fret. 
Let's LIVE, let's live in this moment!

to life, cheers!

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