Thursday, May 16, 2013


I graduated from Ateneo, and yes am saying that with a proud voice.

But after almost a year of working a day job, with a minimum wage in a city that I, day in and day out, hope am not living in, it has been clear to me, that a college degree (and an affluent and rather sheltered background) does not define the person that we are – more so, the person that we would become.

I stumbled upon GooglePlus a video edition of a commencement speech of a guy am not even so sure who, but is able to make a point so valid and true that I can’t help but share.

Watch the video first before continuing reading…

Knowledge is not everything. 
It is awareness that would turn life into the direction we have always wanted, but fail to reach because of our default ‘my-world-my-needs-my-rules-my-way’ view.

A good educational background, a comfortable and sheltered family live, and yes, even financial security during our younger years might have made us far more ego and self centered, that we fail to see the world the way it should be seen.

It has been and would always be a wonderful place, 
full of colors and possibilities, no matter what 
– so, let’s breathe a while, and see.

And yes, remind ourselves, that #ThisIsWater

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