Sunday, February 17, 2013

The ReUnion

(a movie review, a very late movie review)

Boo me now for having only watched this movie this weekend, but man, I live a busy life. Anyhow, it was epic! 

The ReUnion is, so far the best barkada movie I have seen ever since I graduated from high school. Totally relatable and true to the real image of the Filipino high school life (and the life after); this is but an amazing movie I would definitely watch over and over again.

It follows a simple plot, but the characters were all so unique that I have fallen for them individually. On top of them is Ali, played by Jesse Mendiola. I have never really appreciated any of her roles on TV but her Ali character was so endearing; being that ‘best friend’ who keeps all her love for that one guy who is way too blinded by his past heartache to see. Another character I like is that of Jay, well, knowing Matt Evans, his gay character is quite a revelation. I can still remember him saying ‘Kaloka’. It gives me the laughs each time I remember. All the main four characters, on the other hand, did justice. I particularly like Enchong and Xian’s roles. They were well played. Kean was a nice adage, too. The only lousy part was that of Kristine’s, I mean she is pretty and all, but com’on!

Anyhow, so much for that; the thing that really made me so drawn is that fact that the movie has got a really nice direction of photography. I am but an enthusiast, thus my opinion is but trivial, but I really have to say that the way it was shot reminds me of Suckseed – only better. The color palette and the color schemes were superb!

Kudos as well to the direction made by Frasco Mortiz. I have been following his works lately and this is but the best so far. Not bad for the 460+ million gross. Not bad for a Star Cinema movie, too.

Lastly, I love the way the movie has used the likes of Lloyd’s ‘stars’ and Ali’s ‘latak’ concepts. Using too much intellect on movies sometimes ruins it. But the way it was discussed in the movie was subtle and really relatable. I might even actually write a blog about Lloyd’s STARS, about how we see our past and Ali’s LATAK, about how we see our current situation.

and oh! the EHeads songs are superb!

I am so keeping a copy of this. It’s really worth watching – again, and again.    


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