Wednesday, February 27, 2013


People might get a wrong impression if I say I am certain that the very title of this post is indeed a fact. It‘s a rich man’s world. Money makes our daily lives turn. It’s a fact. It’s real.

But don’t put me on the materialistic, ego centered dudes category. I am just trying to raise a point, that in this world, the heftier your cash is, the higher the chances for a happier life. It’s a tough world and most of the time, the thicker your wallet is, the better off you are.

Think about this. Successful (err rich) people tend to be around the best places, get to eat prime commodities, have access to top notch heath care services and pretty much are able to follow their heart’s desires. Should you have been politically affiliated too, you would know that money equates to power, and power to access to information. Whoever keeps information has the aces, take poker for example. So given the attributes of these two, anyone who posseses both pretty much has a good hold of his world, especially the society he is in. Nature has it that only the fittest survive. It’s a natural law. And in the modern times, money is an extension of one’s ability to support oneself. Coupled with man’s political tendencies; money, power and prime information creates an equation that equates fitness. It does not promise survival, but it augments the chances.

Let’s be more specific. 

Ateneo taught me, for one, that the world is unfair. That we have to follow our political nature (man’s natural tendency to get (and work for) what (or whom) we want. Others do it badly, though. Thus is the birth of schemes and evil plots. But in reality, it can actually be done. It can be done fairly or at least with the least possible complications. One has to ‘fight’ his way to life. Of all the sperms that our dads gave out that very moment we were made, we outwit all the rest, thus giving life to us. That’s one. As kids, we got to be educated in institutions and those who performed well made it to good colleges. We fought with others to get a better chance, didn’t we? That’s another. Following the logic; anyone with a good bank lock has a greater chance.

So enough with the colonial mentality that those who aspire for money aspire more than what they deserve. Sometimes, they, I mean, US, who aspire for financial independence simply aspires for a simpler, happier life.

As for my final note. Take me for one; I have got a medical condition that requires me to spend thousands a month for medications. With my medication (and money), I get to afford a longer life. Thus, does that put me on an evil, scheming guy category? Or is my innate thrust for financial independence an innate struggle to survive?

It’s a rich man’s world. Thus, watch me as I move my way to the top.    

Men who want to be THE MAN they OUGHT TO BE, are aware that money makes life easier. It’s a tool. And money should be used by man. Just don’t reverse the equation though.


  1. You should edit my blog. lol. Gawd, this is really nice B. :)

  2. hahhaha thanks :) yours is a HIT in the making, trust me, i know. lols

  3. thanks Gio! i did not realize you were reading my blog :) salamat ng madami :) hehhe