Monday, March 18, 2013

13 Reminders to Batch 2013

Two years ago, I bid my Alma Matter goodbye in the hope that I would join its long list of renowned graduates. I did not have any academic honor, as you know am not really that kind of guy, but I did took with me a medallion that’s quite coveted by most Ateneans. Needless to say, I was looking at a world of really great possibilities.

So I get you. The excitement for a new life, the adrenaline to finally jump start your career, those companies waiting for your ‘yes’– all those feelings are still vivid as if it’s still happening in my heart. Cherish such moment. And take pride of what you have accomplished.
I am not any established man; I am but a simple dreamer trying to make it in the world. But I have in mind some things to share. So read on if you wish, and please share with your friends, should you like.
1.       CELEBRATE. Celebrate and take pride of this moment. To some, graduations are boring, but mind you, it took what, 15 to 16 years before we finally reach this day. So take pride, this isn’t one small thing. This is a milestone – and it’s worth a toast, a lechon and ‘balde-baldeng’ beer.

2.       THANK YOUR PARENTS (or whoever sent you to college). This isn’t just your victory, it’s a shared triumph. So don’t be a soloist, the celebration is a family’s thing. Thank those who gave you all the support you have needed. Those two simple words would go a long way, especially over a toast.

3.       Take Pictures. You wouldn’t want to miss posting this glorious moment on Instagram or uploading them on your tumblog. Moments like this are the ones that really need sharing and keeping. So snap a lot!  

4.       BREATHE. Lucky you if you have companies wanting you in, even before you graduate. I know that feeling. But let it go. Breathe for a while. Take a road trip, fly to Hong Kong, and book a weekend with your family or the one you love. Extend the celebration by allowing your mind to rest and fully grasp this unfolding of a new chapter. Do whatever you fancy.

5.       BREATHE (again, this time with friends). Take time in knowing your friends whereabouts after the G-day. Join the fun; after all, it’s a much needed thing to have good memories to perk you up once the pressures of work start to kick in. Plus, this is your first ‘professional networking’. Start being around people of your turf and industry, you’d need that soon.

6.       Now THINK. After the merriment, now it is time to think. Weigh and consider your options. Although, keep calm and choose well.

7.       CHOOSE WELL. Take it slow in applying - or in signing up with a particular company. I went through that dilemma as well, I have a few companies wanting me in, but the one I have been dreaming to work at called weeks after I got employed. Statistically, our first jobs wouldn’t be our last. Take your time and sign up with which you feel most comfortable timing in – for the first time.

8.       APPLY and get rejected. For the sake of experience, try your luck with companies that you fancy working for. Lucky you to have ‘invites’ to work at a company, but try the waters with an organization that have not shown interest in your resume. It builds confidence – and character after, especially when you get approvals. A rejection would suck, but it does the same – only in a different manner, but bottom line, it builds character.  

9.       DRESS UP. Dress up to it. While preparing for where to work and stuffs like that, don’t forget to give your wardrobe an overhaul. Have those ‘work’ clothes washed and prepped up. Buy some more if you can – and impress the world on your first day as a yuppie.

10.   PREPARE TO PLAY. Don’t consider me jaded or something – but work isn’t like school. If you had competition and cut-throat schemers during college, prepare to meet more of them at work. More often than not, they are those you’ll least expect, so play well with your cards. Trust, but don’t trust too much – and too fast.

11.   Now a YUPPIE, BE a YUPPIE. Live the part. A yuppie, after all deserves all the perks of working. Establish a career path and celebrate simple achievements each time. It is futile to work and be not happy about it. It’s a world of possibilities – and you’re way too young, know that MORE awaits! So bring on the beer!  

12.   SAVE and GIVE BACK. Money now comes easy (or maybe not) so save up as much as you can. Needs come and go – so be frugal enough. Give back to your parents (or whoever you want to) as well. Although they might not oblige you to. A simple grocery for mom or a new shirt for dad won’t hurt right?

13.   LIVE (and love), LABOR and LAUGH.
These three words sum it all! Enjoy this new chapter of your life graduate! Congrats!  

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